Does What You Sleep On Affect How Well You Sleep?

Research suggests that sleeping on a medium-firm mattress, especially one with adjustable firmness, promotes comfort, proper spinal alignment, and quality sleep.

If body aches and pain concern you, research also suggests that the surface you sleep on makes a difference in your comfort. According to a study in 2015, people who slept on memory foam mattresses of medium firmness experienced a decrease in pain, and they fell asleep faster.

Other studies suggest that, compared to memory foam, latex foam puts less peak pressure on the body. This means it better resists the “sinking in” feeling commonly associated with memory foam. This may help sleepers stay at a comfortable temperature and sleeping position.

More generally, a mattress should support the healthy curvature of your spine, shouldn’t cause you to get too warm, and fit your budget and other needs. Explore the natural latex sleep products at MilkmenFoam. Enjoy the benefits of healthier and more sustainable sleep.


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